Sallie Keys MBA

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Healing through your Akashic Records Expert

Sallie Keys Quick Facts

Primary Areas: Spiritual & Energetic Healing, Marketing, Graphic Design

Career Focus: Enterprise Owner, Teacher, Healer, Speaker

Sallie M. Keysis a new certified Soul Realignment as well as Usui Reiki Ranges I & II Practitioner, with learning Donna Eden's energy Medicine, Modern Day Power Medicine along with Deborah King,The Entire Body Code through Dr. Bradley Nelson, and also Sandra Anne Taylor's Quantum Lifestyle Coaching.

She assists spiritually-oriented healers, teachers, counselors, as well as coaches increase their particular healing abilities, unlock their particular greatest gifts, along with step totally into their power through identifying the actual energetic way for you to obtain chronic health, emotional, financial, and relationship issues and resolve these people in just one session. The Girl recent supplement regarding Artwork that Heals Anyone for you to the woman's offerings have got allowed your ex for you to deliver the girl healing perform straight into the entire world into a completely new way.

You may discover much more about Sallie's energy healing and also artwork to become with her web site with

Favorite Quotes & Thoughts coming from Sallie Keys

I believe that will we're here for you to leada happy, abundant, as well as fulfilling life, and also that will reaching this aim means improving greater than just one location of our lives. It's concerning the entire picture. Whenever 1 area can be off within our lives, it can easily create havoc in other locations of our own lives. Or Perhaps we acquire one location straight then we find we're nevertheless not happy. Your reason why is the actual fact that regardless regarding whether it's physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual - to help to make sure section of your puzzle we came here in order to solve in order to acquire a balanced life.